I qualified in 1980 having obtained a 2(1) Degree in Law at King’s College, London University.

I went into law to help people. My objective has always been to provide a high quality service that yields results. I have consistently aimed to provide a cost-effective service at fixed rates, which is particularly important in these straitened times. From my first day, I have been an advocate through and through and dealt with some interesting cases over the years.

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I am a solicitor-advocate able to represent clients in the magistrates' and crown courts. I have extensive experience dealing with authorities and courts and representing clients throughout the country. Having both defended and prosecuted an extensive range of cases, I possess an up-to-date, working knowledge of the relevant laws and the many subsidiary regulations. My advice and representation in court is characterised by a down-to-earth approach to the issues.

Over the years, I have developed a sixth sense that helps my clients when dealing with difficult situations in a court of law; you really do have to think on your feet. Knowing you as an individual, as well as understanding your personal worries and business concerns, are the key elements I bring to the table when dealing with your legal affairs.

I win my cases on a simple philosophy – “Preparation, Preparation, Preparation”. From the start of the case, whether it be interview with one of the authorities or taking instructions, I put together a clear plan of action to provide the best chance of success. In a memorable case a few years ago, whilst representing a high street trader, I took on and defeated a mighty corporation represented by a leading QC in the crown court.

No job is too small. Called 'the Mr. Licensing of Kent' by a leading QC, I continue to attract new and repeat business. I have the reputation of never giving up on my clients – you have a 'gutsy' fighter on your side, determined to deliver a good result.


 I regularly organise day trips to the continent for our local community. The fare for trips is capped at £30 per head and any shortfall is covered by my practice. This is to ensure all people in the community, young and old, can participate. The objective is to enable people to make new acquaintances and also have a fun day out. Past trips have included: Ypres and Menin Gate , Rocket Museum near St Omer, battlefields of the Somme, Ghent, Vimy Ridge, Bruges, Lille, Ostende

My chief hobby is music. I play organ and piano and assist three choirs. I especially enjoy playing for major festivals such as Nine Lessons and Carols and running music training sessions for the children. It is a real pleasure to work with the choirs and see their progress.