Man travelling at 145 mph keeps job

Recently a young man came to see me. He was white as a sheet and advised he was stopped for speeding at 145 mph. he was scared stiff about what could happen. The case was thoroughly prepared. The Magistrates at Sevenoaks advised they had never had to deal with a case like this.

Joe was a lucky lad, he received a 72 day ban and was fined.£430. He agreed to me posting this story on my web-site. He wanted people to know it is just not worth taking the risk and always to focus on your speed limit. the length of the ban meant that he was able to keep his job.  

Man travelling at 107mph not banned

Cambridge magistrates’ court decided not to ban a young man with good career prospects from driving in October. He was rushing to his fiancée’s award ceremony having been held up earlier in the day. The Magistrates said they would normally disqualify, but having considered all of the mitigation entered felt they could take a lenient view and imposed 6 penalty points with a fine.

Man travelling at 120mph gets 14 day ban

The client, JB, wrote: “Many thanks for representing me last week. I now understand what you mean by “preparation, preparation, and preparation”. The case was fully prepared and your delivery in court superb. I was wrong, I have learnt by mistakes. A ban for longer than 14 days would have caused serious difficulties for me. Thank you so much for your help. I would recommend Stephen to anyone who needs help. He gives a first class service.”

Man gets reduced ban

A man charged with drink-drive faced a 22 month ban.  As a result of mitigation entered on his behalf the ban imposed was the minimum – 12 months reduced to 9 months upon completion of DDR course.

“Stephen came highly recommended from a high end Law Firm and recently represented me in a drink driving case. It only took one meeting for him to put the case together, thanks to his professionalism and knowledge he managed to significantly influence the court decision for both the ban and the financial penalty. Thank you Stephen for all your help, I will no doubt recommend you to anyone requiring assistance in your field of expertise.” – A D. Vice President.