Call me on 01732 32114 or 07774 612651 for a free, short consultation. If you decide to instruct me we will arrange a fixed fee consultation to establish the full facts of the case and decide the best course of action.

I am a Sole Practitioner with a Lexcel Quality Approved Practice and will deal with your matter from start to finish myself. Unlike many other motoring law firms, I do not employ any unqualified staff to process work for clients. Such firms process instructions in bulk and simply pass information to junior barristers who turn up on the day of the hearing and are not familiar with you. I have nearly 40 years’ experience as an advocate and travel all over the country representing clients. You will get a personal service from someone who really knows what they’re doing, who will represent you in court. I provide a one-stop service.

Fees for dealing with ‘Summary only’ offences involving one hearing at a Magistrates’ Court

I will tell you if yours is a summary offence. Common examples of a Summary offence are:

·       Speeding

·       Inconsiderate and careless driving

·       Failing to comply with a traffic signal

·       Using a mobile telephone while driving

·       Driving and drug driving

·       Failing to provide samples of breath, urine or blood

·       Driving without insurance or a licence

·       Failing to stop/report

My fees include

·       all telephone calls and correspondence

·       liaising with the Crown Prosecution Service/ police to obtain evidence about your case

·       discussing the case with the CPS/police in advance and at court

·       meetings with you and any witnesses

·       taking statements

·       travel to court

·       waiting time

·       researching relevant law as necessary

·       representing you in court, including an exceptional hardship hearing to prevent a totting disqualification

·       discussion of outcome and advice as to whether to appeal if applicable


My fees do not include:

·       instruction of any Expert Witness

·       advice and representation in relation to a Special Reasons hearing

·       a hearing at which you admit the charge but not all the facts alleged by the prosecution (known as a Newton hearing),

·       unforeseen matters not anticipated when the fixed fee is agreed.


Fixed Price

I charge a fixed fee for the above work, which will vary between £500 and £1200 plus VAT, depending on the complexity of the case. This fee will be agreed with you at the initial consultation once I have all the facts and the issues are clear. I will ask for a down payment at the initial consultation, with the balance to be paid on the conclusion of the case.  I will agree an action plan with you to achieve the best result.

Fees for dealing with all other cases

For cases which are not ‘Summary only’ offences, for example serious offences such as dangerous driving or those involving fatalities, I will give clear guidance on costs and explain where it is not possible to provide a fixed fee.