Licensing Applications in relation to Businesses

I am a Sole Practitioner with a Lexcel Quality Approved practice and will deal with your matter from start to finish myself. Unlike many other law firms, I do not employ any unqualified staff to process work for clients. I provide a one-stop licensing shop, from training to get your Personal Licence, through to obtaining a new Premises Licence and applying for Variation of Licence.

I have nearly 40 years’ experience as an advocate and travel all over the country representing a wide range of clients, including Race Courses, Hotel Chains, Music Festivals, Restaurants, Off Licences, Pubs and Clubs. I have provided training for Kent Police and Licensing Authorities.  I do all advocacy myself and do not instruct other lawyers. Because of my years of experience in the business, and knowledge of dealing with diverse Licensing Authorities, I have become familiar with the different procedures of each authority and problems we can encounter, so that we can deal quickly and efficiently with your case.

The normal timescale for an application for a New Licence or a Variation is 28 days from the date of lodging the application, but if there are objections, subject to the Licensing Authority rules, a hearing must be held within a further 28 days.

I work on a fixed fee basis and will agree a fee at the initial consultation, once the facts are known and the issues clear.

 My fees include:

·       initial consultation

·       Site visit to determine issues

·       Taking your instructions

·       Advising as to how you can promote the statutory Licensing Objectives

·       Advising on type of plans required to accompany your application to meet the regulations

·       Completing and submitting the application

·       Providing advice on the fee levels payable to the Licensing Authority

·       Preparing copies of the application for disclosure to the Responsible Authorities (e.g. Fire Service, Environmental Health)

·       Preparing the public notice to be displayed on the site and in the newspaper

·       Preparing Designated Premises Supervisor consent form for signature by a personal licence holder.

·       Checking the licence once granted

·       Correspondence and telephone calls during the initial consultation phase

My fees do not include:

·       Any further site visit that might be required e.g with a Responsible Authority

·       Any work done in respect of a hearing, including preparation for and representation at the hearing. If such work becomes necessary, I will agree a further fixed price with you.

·       Disbursements (see below)

·       Obtaining suitable plans

I will agree a fixed price for this work if it arises


These are costs related to your matter which are payable to third parties. They will include:

·       The application fee. This is based on the rateable value of the property and ranges from £100-£635

·       Advertising fee payable to an appropriate newspaper. This varies but is typically between £200-£400 + VAT

·       Enquiry agent fees to display public notices. Typically £100-£300 + VAT. Generally this fee can be avoided if you are able to arrange display of notices yourself.

Typical fees:

Simple Application: £450 - £1200 plus VAT (based on 3-8 hours at an hourly rate of £150)

Medium complexity: £750 - £1800 plus VAT (based on 5-13 hours at an hourly rate of £150)

High complexity: £1500 - £2400 plus VAT (based on 10 – 16 hours at an hourly rate of £150)

Factors that could affect whether your application is likely to be simple, medium or high complexity vary from application to application and these will be discussed with you at the initial consultation. Matters such as the type and size of the premises, its location, whether there is a Cumulative Impact policy in place, and if the application is for a large-scale public event will be taken into account in determining the complexity. Most licensing applications fall into the simple or medium complexity range.