Don’t take a chance with your licence.(see comments and stories on the testimonials and recent successes page) 

If you’re facing a conviction under the Road Traffic Act, remember that driving bans are discretionary, not compulsory, and a careful argument presented by an experienced advocate could save your licence.

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If you are charged with any motoring offence, I can help you. I have dealt with:

  • Speeding

  • Dangerous driving

  • Failure to stop

  • Failure to report

  • Totting up

Don’t assume that you can’t challenge the evidence against you: every case is unique and the circumstances will affect how the (alleged) offence is viewed in court.

Offences carry a range of penalty points, and even if you’re convicted or plead guilty to an offence, you may still be able to argue special reasons to prevent points being awarded.

It should also be noted that if you receive 12 penalty points or more it is possible to argue exceptional hardship to show why you should not be disqualified for 6 months.

The sooner that evidence is gathered in your case, whatever action may be taken, the better.

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Some frequently asked questions:

“I have been stopped for travelling in excess of 30 mph over the prescribed speed limit. Will I lose my driving licence?”

Not necessarily. The magistrates have a discretion as to whether they should disqualify you – the higher the speed the greater the likelihood of disqualification. The Magistrates’ Association does require the court to give consideration to disqualification. Each case must be considered on its merit – you would be well advised to get specialist help.

“I have 12 penalty points on my licence. I understand the court must disqualify me for 6 months. Is that correct?”

No. If you can establish “Exceptional Hardship” you may save your licence. However exceptional does not include mere loss of job. The decision will depend on the facts of the case. You will need specialist help if you are to save your licence.

“I have been caught Drinking and Driving. Is there anyway I can avoid disqualification?”

Yes. You will need to see a solicitor to determine if a defence is available to you or, alternatively, whether “Special Reasons” exist as defined in law not to disqualify you.

“I failed to provide a specimen of breath. What is the penalty?”

The recommended penalty is a 2 year ban. However it depends on whether you have a defence of “reasonable excuse” for not supplying the specimen. Also, the penalty is discretionary and will depend on the circumstances of each case.