Licence obtained in Cumulative Impact Area (with reference from MD)

'Stephen, thanks for tonight. It really is a transformational day for the Brewery. You are now officially a "friend of the Brewery" and more professional work will follow. You have taken us out of a dark place into the light.' - Colin Arthurs, Managing Director of The Brewery

In 2013 residents were so upset with the Parker MacMillan nightclub that they succesfully reviewed the Premises Licence and it closed. Now, 4 years later the Brewery at Chiswell Street made application for a new licence at the site. There were objections from 37 residents and 2 responsible authorities.  An additional complication is that the site is located in a cumulative impact, the council having decided that no new licence should be granted. Careful consideration was given to the objections and, under my guidance, the Brewery were happy to amend the proposals. As a result the application was approved by the council.