Success recovering vehicle seized by the UK Border Force

In March of this year, a 44-tonne truck with its trailer was seized by the UK Border Force. The haulier had been given a consignment of goods and had no reason to suspect that it in fact contained illegal drugs. For the next six weeks, the company unsuccessfully tried to recover their vehicles. I was instructed on the 18th April to take legal action to the recovery of the vehicles. It was accepted by the Border Force that the haulier was an innocent party. Within seven days of my intervention, on the 27th April, the Border Force indicated they were willing to release the vehicles. In addition, they wished to levy a fee of £5000 that we successfully appealed this on the grounds that it was not justified.

It is a sad fact that innocent hauliers can be the victims of organised criminals. If you ever find yourself in similar difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact us.